Framing Devil loves to create unique one-of-a-kind framing treatments just for you. From your personal treasures to museum quality work, I can exceed your desires and expectations.

Framing Devil has been a long time vision of mine. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I always felt outside the box. Having begun picture framing in 1986, I learned how to work inside the box, per se. Now a California resident for over 25 years, I now have the ambition and skill to work outside that box! With over 34 years of picture framing experience, from high-end sleek custom projects to production for wholesale work, I have now created my own vision of picture framing exclusively for my clients. I am prepared to facilitate your ideas and develop them to craft the perfect, unique display foundation for your piece and needs."
- Doug // Framing Devil


Consultations by appointment only. To schedule, please email:

connect and follow:


Where are you located and what is your phone number?

As a private framer, I prefer to not publish my location. When you reach out to me, I will give you that information.

How much does it cost?

That all depends on the size of your art and materials selected. Pricing can vary. Contact me and I can give you a quote to get you started.

Do you ship framed art?

Yes, I do!

What are your hours of operation?

I'm available by appointment only, usually Monday through Thursday, from 11am to 7pm, and Saturday, 11am to 5pm, with few exceptions.

I saw a piece you framed and I want mine done the same way, can you repeat that treatment?

When I do general framing, I’m always more than happy to repeat a job. When I hand paint pieces, I won’t do exact replications, sorry. However, I’m sure we could find an alternative that is new and unique for you though. If it is a hand-painted job, then I won’t repeat that job for someone else either, so you’d have that one unique piece. Painting charges are based on approximate time it takes me to complete.

What type of payments do you accept?

I accept cash, check, all major credit cards, PayPal and Venmo.